Natural Remedies for tonsil stones

October 10th, 2014
If you are have been searching for natural ways of removing tonsil stones, this article will be of great help to you. The first thing you need is to understand what really this problem is, and what causes it. The medical name for tonsil stones is tonsilloliths and it occurs when calcium salts accumulate in the crevices and pockets of tonsils through a process known as calcification.   tonsil stones

Tonsil stones have a white or yellow color and in most cases lead to bad breath and sore throats. When you find out that you have these symptoms you may look for various ways of getting rid of these stones. Some people may opt to go for a surgery but not unless they are large, you should not turn to such extreme and expensive measures for there are ways of removing the same naturally.

Garlic cloves, when chewed raw can remove the stones. Garlic has an anti-bacteria property which has been used to cure various conditions caused by bacteria and so they can remove tonsil stones. Chewing garlic several times every day can help weed out any bacteria that might be fueling solidification of materials in your tonsils.

Lemon juice possesses vitamin C which can help to remove your tonsil stones very well. Mix few tablespoons of lemon juice with a cup of warm water, add a little salt and to the lemon water and drink. When taking the juice, try to swirl the warm lemon juice around the affected areas before swallowing it. Try also to hold it in your mouth for about a minute, and then swallow. if you feel pain when doing so, you can try  oxycodone or hydrocodone for ease of the pain.

Your fingers can be of great help if you can reach your tonsils with them as you can scrape the stones out. However, you have to be cautious because when picking at the stones very hard can worsen the problem. If you successfully scrape out the stones, immediately gargle some salt water around your mouth to flush out any additional stone you might have loosened.

There are some essential oils which you should consider using to remedy this ailment such as lemongrass, myrrh, thieves oil among others. They are known to have anti-bacterial and ant-inflammatory properties that are useful for the condition. Adding few drops of these oils on your toothbrush every day can help. You can also try getting these essential oils in a spray bottle and spray them on the affected areas.

You can also start eating organic yoghurt as a natural method of removing tonsil stones. Unsweetened yogurt contains pro-biotic, a friendly bacteria needed by your body for removal of tonsil stones and prevent them from reappearing.

Poor oral hygiene is a common cause of tonsil stones. Apples can help remove these stones for they contain mild acidic content which act as astringent and help in cleaning of your teeth. In addition, as you chew apples they scrub your teeth and gums leaving them clean.

Other natural ways of getting rid of tonsil stones is through chewing of carrots, eating of raw onions which improve your oral health and taking fizzy beverages like club soda which will break down the stones like vinegar does among other methods. If your tonsil stones symptoms persist, it’s important that you visit your doctor for a professional attention.
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How to do a brazilian wax at home?

November 11th, 2013
It might be a good idea to perform your own personal Brazilian wax at home. You can save a lot of money this way, because the cost of these procedures can range 50 to 100 USD. Once you master the technique, it will be no problem to do it regularly. Just purchase your own kit and you can do it all by yourself. brazilian wax Although, there are a few important things you must be aware of when doing this procedure at home. for doing a Brazilian wax at home
  • Make sure that you first cut your pubic hair with scissors to about a quarter inch. This will make the waxing much easier and less painful. By doing this you should not cut it to much because in that case the hair will be too short to stick to the wax.
  • You have to soften the hair by using some moisturizer or lotion. It is similar to shaving and it will be much easier when the hair is soft. You can use any product which will fulfill this purpose.
  • Make sure the wax is hot before applying. Of course, it should not be to hot because in that case you could burn your skin. You can heat it in your microwave. Different brands of wax can demand different ways of heating, but if you are not sure, first read instructions on the package. Also make sure that the temperature is adequate during the whole session.
  • Apply the wax on the skin. This is the most important part and it is important to pull your skin as tightly as possible, spread the wax carefully in a thin layer. Then wait for about 10 seconds before you do the next step.
  • The next step is to rip the wax off. It will be easier when you do this in the direction of your hear growth and when you rip small areas at a time. In that way you will get better results and it will be less painful.
  • Use a mirror when waxing spots you can not see.
  • After repeating these steps in order to wax the whole zone which you want to be clean of the hair, you can use some oil to moisture the skin and to remove any remains of the wax.
  • Perfect your technique
Like all other things, this technique requires some skills to do it properly. My advice is that you should begin first with waxing some easier spots, maybe by waxing your leg-hair and then when you will have much more experience, try with the bikini zone which is a little bit harder to do. How often you should do a waxing? Unlike cutting the hair with razor or shaving which lasts just for a few days, waxing your hair will make your skin free of hair even for a weeks. So, you will not have to do it too often and waist your time every other day. So, making a Brazilian wax at home should not be a taboo and as long as you follow instructions you have nothing to worry about. Take your time and start slowly step by step.
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Doing My First brazilian wax

November 2nd, 2013
So I took the challenge!!! I got my first Brazilian wax!!! I was instructed to enter a private room and was instructed to remove my clothes. Then I was asked to lie down on a table with neat cloth. You can ask for a paper thong in case you are not provided with one. Your pubic hair needs to be of the correct size; else you will be turned down. Saw it. It needs to be around 1/4th inch to get attached to the wax. Don’t worry your waxer will be there for you. She is now your guide. I had some questions
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To do or not to do a brazilian wax – what are the Considerations?

October 25th, 2013
There are many obvious advantages of Brazilian waxing. First, you get an unbelievably soft bikini wax. Usually, Brazilian waxing removes all the hair so you will feel silky all over. That soft bikini wax will last for a couple of weeks earlier than going for your subsequent Brazilian waxing. That smooth bikini wax will transform almost immediately into a higher confidence level. You will feel a lot sexier and more sensual after a Brazilian waxing.
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Do hair removal creams work?

October 10th, 2013
If you want to get rid of excessive hair, hair removal creams seems like a great alternative. First, they are cheap - you don't need to spend a fortune to apply them, second, the process can be done in your own home, whenever you are convenient , without the hassle and the time involved of going to a beauty salon. So I wanted to try it. I started looking at different brands, read reviews, and finally decide to try these three recommended brands: Skinception, Revitol (the one that sold in a blue
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Permanent Hair Removal

October 2nd, 2013
Permanent hair removal or permanent epilation is achieved by two methods that are widely known as being effective. The first one, called electrology is actually electrical epilation, whereas the laser technique relies on pulses of laser light. Laser hair removal does not work on light-colored hair and may not always be permanent. Also, it may hurt a bit. According to how it is performed there is a possibility that hair will grow back after a while.
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My Personal Blog

September 21st, 2013

My Name is Janice Merkowrd, and this is my personal blog!

I call it write after birth – I strated this blog Just after my daughter, Patricia was born

I mostly interested in women issues,  How to look your best, grooming up

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Women’s Heart issues and how to avoid it

May 20th, 2013
The number one cause of death of women in the United States and Europe is a death from a heart attack. Heart attack risk factors include: smoking, vascular inflammation, stress, lack of exercise and nutrition.    The biggest risk factor for heart attack is a modern lifestyle that incorporates unhealthy diet causes accumulation of cholesterol and vitamin deficiency who do not fight free radicals, changing the shape of the LDL and oxidizing it and blood vessels. The combination of inflammation
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What is Oxycodone?

February 21st, 2012 What is Oxycodone? Oxycodone is simply put a pain killer, which is administered to people with extreme pain.First, it was invented  in 1916 in east  germany, in an effort to improve on existing opiate based pain killers from that time, such as morphine, which is extremely addictive, and has harsher side effects. While it is less risky than the opioids that came before it, Oxycodone is not without its risks, and so it is important to take note of what
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